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A school is a place where the inner quality of a child is extracted and nurtured. DAV Public School, Central Workshop ( CWS) is an institution  committed for excellence and empowerment of the potential what a child has. We believe in holistic approach of education for all round development of students. At our school every child is provided opportunity to bloom with a right  exposure,  touch,  learn,  enjoy,  question,  think,  play,  experiment and to shoulder responsibilities.As life is not the mark, numbers and grade but much more than those. Therefore, we try to instill the values, ethics and attitudes in the heart and mind of the students so that they could lead a successful life, what so ever they choose. Our students learn here by doing, seeing and observing. The school for our students is a centre of attraction, academics, sports and other co-curricular activities.Our school aims at producing responsible and able citizen not only for our country but for the world. Years of diligence, zeal, zest and enthusiasm of highly dedicated and qualified staff combined with the whole hearted support and guidance of DAV College Managing Committee has helped in taking this esteemed institution to even further dizzying heights.In today’s highly competitive and fast paced world, there is no room at all for lethargy or complianary.Besides of several schools in our country DAV School performs its duty with values.DAV stands for Dayanand Anglo Vedic. The name itself says it’s all as it shows the motto of DAV institutions nicely. Anglo and Vedic represent two poles one represents modernity and other traditions. In DAV institution we maintain a balance between the values of the years gone and the trends of the current times.

Lastly, we at DAV institutions not only produce students capable of financial and social but also moral security.

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DAV Public School
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